Vicio Mezcal Wins Silver Medal at 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition was conducted March 17th through 20th at the Hotel Nikko in Downtown San Francisco. More than 1,850 spirits from around the globe were judged this year—the largest in the competition's 16-year history. Vicio Mezcal walked away with a Silver Medal in the Mezcal category, an impressive feat among many high quality spirits and mezcals.

Dock Street brings mezcal love to Philadelphia...

from Grid Magazine

..." Certo and Candeloro both speak of mezcal with a reverential vocabulary usually reserved for certain pyschotropic drugs. "Mezcal allows you to be able to transcend, to be very lucid," Certo says. "It's a drink that open up your mind." read more:

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From Oaxaca With Love: Exploring Dock Street Spirits' Vicio Mezcal

from Drink Philly

by Swabreen Bakr on Feb 11, 2015 in Liquor

We’ve got a new product here in Philadelphia by way of Oaxaca, Mexico from the folks at Dock Street Spirits, founded by Rosemarie Certo, Marilyn Candelero and Regina Pfohl. Mezcal is an emerging, premium category that’s slowly but surely catching up to its cousin, tequila. Drinkers’ relationship with tequila has evolved over the past couple years due to bar programs and brand ambassadors working diligently to move tequila away from the spirit that you pound shots of, towards one that’s enjoyed in cocktails made with fresh juices, like The Paloma (tequila, grapefruit, lime) or Margaritas that aren’t made with store bought sour mix; while also offering high quality aged tequilas for sipping. Now the challenge is to educate consumers about Mezcal and how to drink it...  - See more at:

Pick Your Poison: Vicio Mezcal

from City Paper

on Sept 2, 2015

Rosemarie Certo and Marilyn Candeloro, both of Dock Street Brewing, first ventured down to Mexico to learn about mezcal about three years ago. A friend sent a bulletproof car to pick them up at the airport; when one of them rolled down a window, the driver admonished them.

"Sometimes Marilyn and I look back on it and say, 'How the hell did we do that?'"......

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